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How Can I improve My Child's Reading?

Help them to love books by sharing stories.

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Easy Online Publishing

Our user friendly online publishing tool makes coordinating a Schoolyard Stories project easy. Simply invite participants via email and all submissions, ordering and payments are done online. Your community will come together through their active contribution of recipes, stories, artwork or poems and take pride in the uniquely inspired book they helped create. With the option of personalised covers or content your book is the ideal gift for family and friends.

A Meaningful Fundraiser

Imagine if kids were excited about literacy and learning. Imagine the pride they would feel by seeing their work published in a real book. Schoolyard Stories publishes books created by children, families and teachers. We can turn any idea into a beautifully bound keepsake. From personal portfolios to whole school cookbooks and compilation storybooks, the possibilities are endless, the results are inspirational. As a fundraiser, SYS projects support improved literacy outcomes and help raise funds in an engaging and meaningful way. Find out more about how it works.

School kids reading

SYS Blog

As a primary school teacher, my belief is that reading is by far the most important building block to learning and it is never too early to start. I also believe that the best possible outcomes occur when schools help parents educate children, not when schools do it alone. As a young mother, I believed that early exposure to phonics would give my children the best chance at becoming fluent readers

Featured Artist

Has your school published with Schoolyard Stories? If yes, there is a chance that your little author, illustrator or chef will be featured on our site. SYS will notify you and/or your school if your child’s masterpiece will be featured. You can invite family and friends online to view this wonderful achievement and watch as your child’s pride and confidence soars.


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